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Vietnam, My Son Sanctuary World Heritage Site

My Son abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples complex in the central part of Vietnam. Between the 4th and 14th century churches by the time the former rulers of the Kingdom of Champa was built and dedicated to god Shiva, who has several other local name is known most notably Bhadresvara.
1999 has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. In addition, the Kingdom of Champa was an important part of Southeast Asia's political and cultural history, which vividly evidenced My Son ruins.

The Amazing Cave in Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is a 1500 km² sized area in northern Vietnam in the Gulf (Gulf of Tonkin), Vietnam. According to official 1969 limestone cliffs rising out of the water, most of which are uninhabited island or cliff, most of the several hundred meters high. The limestone salts, which is located in the Gulf, sinking. 1994 has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

The name Vinh Ha Long means "dragon diving the bay." According to legend, the bay of the sea dragon living nearby mountains created in cooperation. When the dragon ran to the shore, pulled his dick deep furrows in the ground, which - after the dragon is submerged in water - flooded by the sea.

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Column of Trajan Rome, Italy

 Column of Trajan, the Roman emperor Trajan (98-117) in the middle of the Roman Forum of standing 38 feet tall marble columns. "... In front of the Arch, which served as the entrance to a large space, the two library buildings and destroyed the basilica, the latter column only suggest the ruins of imperial forum shine" - it remembers the history of the world. Since 1587 is the top of the statue of the Apostle Peter, however, the construction of gilded bronze statue of Trajan particular location. Apollodórosz creator.

The column base 5 meters high. Three sides decorated with reliefs, and originally served as the emperor's ashes to accommodate. Historical significance of the spiral, about 200 m long series of bas-reliefs located on the trunk upon which Trajan's two Dacian campaign of events are listed below. The relief strip contains 22 helix, and a twenty-three of marble.

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The Maiden Tower, Azerbaijan

The Maiden Tower or also known locally as Giz Galasi located in the Old City, Baku in Azerbaijan is an ancient tower. Built in the 12th century, as part of the walled city of Baku, the Maiden Tower, with the Shirvanshahs' Palace dated to the 15th century, are an ensemble of historic monuments which have been inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage List of Historical Monuments as cultural property under category iii, in 2001. It is one of the most noted landmarks and Azerbaijan's most distinctive national emblems, and is thus featured on Azeri currency notes and other official letter heads